Friday, October 1, 2010

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Ewa Nidecka
Ewa Nidecka
Ewa Nidecka (b. 1962, Rzeszów, Poland) 1983-1988 I studied at the Department of Theory, Composition and Conducting at the Academy of Music in Kraków. 1988 - I have been employed at the Faculty of Music, University of Rzeszów (Poland). I teach graduate and undergraduate courses in music theory including harmony, aural training, conterpoint and dissertation seminar. My primary research interest is Lviv’s music culture. As a result of the reserches in 2003 I got Ph.D. for a thesis: The Polish composers works of Lviv and Ukrainian composer’s school (1792-1939) / Twórczość polskich kompozytorów Lwowa a ukraińska szkoła kompozytorska (1792-1939); University of Rzeszów 2005 /. My other interests include religious music, Polish composers works in the XXth and XXIst century, relationships between Polish and other countries composers, also folklore of Central Europe, Asia and Africa. In 2010 I published the monograph The sacred music in the works of Andrzej Nikodemowicz / Muzyka sakralna w twórczości Andrzeja Nikodemowicza /.

Ewa Nidecka
University of Rzeszów